Fortune 100 World CEO Global Council

Fortune 100 World CEO Global Council Meeting

The Fortune 100 Top World CEO Global Council meeting in Vancouver in June 2003 was another unforgettable event that Rosemin Jutha had the opportunity to work on. The venue of the Dinner Gala was at the Vancouver Law Courts. Never had an event taken place that large at the Law Courts, Guests included Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. Council meetings, breakfasts, and luncheons were at the Fairmont Waterfront.

Rosemin designed a beautiful living garden that was enclosed in the middle of the conference and the group members were seated in a circle all around the garden. It was a very lavish event and the designs had a modern look but yet very luxuriantly lush. The designer used yellow Calla lilies and towering curly lucky bamboo throughout the venue to achieve a statement of awe. Curly bamboo enhanced the vibrations in the meeting room by stimulating energy and good fortune in circles throughout the room. A key element used to increase energy in this conference.  The arrangements for the gala dinner stage were so  massive that they had to be carried by 6 people up the stairs of the Law Courts.