The Owner


A bespoke floral artist, Rosemin Jutha’s career path stemmed from her background in art and fashion.  Driven by a love for beauty, a skilled set of hands, and a genuine love of flowers, she established her business at a young age and steadily built recognition for consistent excellence in the lower mainland. Over the years, not only has she mastered the traditional practice of floristry, she has created a bespoke approach to floral design that includes unique methods she has developed over the years. She has also built a reputation for excellence resulting in partnerships with high-profile clients such as the Fairmont Hotel and served dignitaries such as the Prime Minister of Canada, His Highness the Aga Khan, and her store’s namesake, Queen Elizabeth the II, during Her 2002 Royal Tour in Vancouver. In 1990, the Meridien Hotel (now Sutton Place), was home to Bunches Floral Design, Rosemin’s first shop and where she spent two years building her knowledge of plants and flowers, a strong skill set, and establishing a foundation of devoted clients. Moving to a larger location, First Blossom Floral Boutique, in Gastown, then the Terminal City Club she continued to grow her ledger of corporate clientele and individuals. In 2010 she moved to Kitsilano and opened Queen Bee Flowers where she continued learning by attending international floral conventions while serving her clientele base.

Reflecting on her accomplishments, she planned her next transformation. Her current shop, Queen Bee Flower Shop, is located on South Granville, a culmination of her aspirations and incredible work ethic, she spent months on design and renovation to reflect her vision of beauty, light, and unique design style. Above all, Rosemin is a flower enthusiast with a deep love for the colours and textures that she surrounds herself with every day. She considers it an honour to be a part of each of her customer’s milestones and celebrations. Conscious of the emotional and technical aspects of her work, she believes “flowers have an ability to nourish the soul”. Having dedicated 30 years of her life to sharing this message, Rosemin, a genuine “floral alchemist” brings us her vision of beauty through her passion and artistry.

Meet the Owner: Rosemin Jutha

  • After working with flowers for over 20 years, I still stop and smell the Roses
  • I named my flower shop after one of the highlights in my career-being commissioned to be the official florist for the Royal Visit- Queen Elizabeth II in Vancouver 2002
  • I believe in serendipity…
  • beautiful things excite me…
  • I have learned that adaptability is survival
  • I enjoy the freedom to experiment and create my own environment
  • It is very hard to have a favorite flower or a favorite color
  • with the flower shop- I am busy and utterly content
  • I love desserts, Well I love anything sweet.
  • traveling and visiting new places nourishes my soul
  • customers are always interesting people
  • gratitude is calming