Valentine’s Day

Steal her heart this Valentine’s Day. Give Valentine’s Day flowers from Queen Bee Flowers and express your love in a lasting, one-of-a-kind way! As Valentine’s Day approaches, men all over the world will scramble to pick up beautiful bouquets of flowers for the women in their lives — or the women they hope to have in their lives. But, what’s the big deal with flowers?

Flowers represent beauty perhaps he /she is saying ” Here’s something beautiful for a beautiful person”
Flowers Represent sexuality. It seems a bit weird, but flowers are basically plant reproductive organs. Is there some subconscious reason that we give reproductive organs to someone we love… and would maybe some day reproduce with?

A “well-trained” guy or gal knows the cultural significance of flowers in romance. Don’t give flowers too often or too infrequently. Don’t bust out a bouquet only when you’re in a fight, and don’t give them every week. Keep it spontaneous, make every flower occasion special — with Queen Bee Flowers!

One of the most popular flowers ever given on Valentine’s Day is the rose and for a very good reason. Roses are one of the most romantic flowers anyone can ever give to their lovers.
Red roses symbolize perfection and beauty.

Pink roses symbolize elegance and grace and are often given the meaning of admiration as well as appreciation and joyfulness. A gentler way to say “I love you” to someone would be by giving them a bouquet of pink roses.

Yellow roses convey happiness and warmth, perfect for the color it possesses. It is often the most appropriate flower to give to a true friend.

White roses symbolize purity and innocence.

Orange roses represent enthusiasm and desire. Because of its bold color, these are the perfect flowers to give when symbolizing passion in romance.

Lastly, lavender roses embody enchantment and are good picks especially for those who are struck with love at first sight.

Of course, roses aren’t the only flower to give during Valentine’s Day. There are a lot more flowers out there which signify romance in a different way. One such flower is the tulip. Generally, tulips are considered to symbolize perfect love. If you’ve found the right woman of your dreams, then give them a bouquet of tulips. Another reason for the tulip’s popularity as a flower to be given on Valentine’s Day is because it is just right. Its size and shape is not domineering. It is not too romantic or too casual, it is simply right. Bee Different, Bee Bold, give your loved one a unique creation from Queen Bee Flowers-a mixed bouquet of lilies, orchids, tropical stems or even glorious gerbera daisies. Bee-Dazzle Her /Him!