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Can you believe it is already the first day of December?

I always like to start a new season off at the shop with a specific theme or feeling in mind. Christmas had a sacred and magical feeling for me as a young child so my theme at Queen Bee Flowers for this Christmas is to “Bring Out the Child Within”.

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I thought it would be fun for me to recreate this magic for my customers and their loved ones by seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child. I just adore our selection of cute handmade felt ornaments. The shop is filled with beautifully decorated lemon cypress trees, our amaryllis are potted up in red lantern pots, and you can smell the sweet fragrance of paper whites and the fresh scents of all the Christmas greens….. So much to choose from. We are all dressed and ready to help you truly enjoy all that the season has to offer through flowers.
I just love this quote.

“Christmas waves a magical wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful”- Norman Vincent

It truly resonates with me and I want my customers to feel the magic of the Christmas at Queen Bee Flowers.

I am excited to make everything a little softer by creating a little beauty for your loved ones. I am looking ahead to winter and am excited to “bee” working with a “merry” palette of flowers to create some very magical designs. Do stop in soon and remember you’re never to old to peek.